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  • My Blessed Existence | Underwhelming Beauty Buys

    10 July 2016

    One of my favorite things to hear from other beauty product hoarders is what they regret purchasing. I love watching disappointing product reviews on YouTube and reading others honest opinions. When you love trying new products you occasionally buy some...

  • Coal Miner's Bride | Scalloped Pineapple

    07 February 2016

    This is a dessert I have been raised on. Nana never fixed a Sunday supper without making a dessert. This is one of my favorite desserts she prepared and she prepared it quite often. I always thought she fixed it pretty regular because it's so darn good,...

  • The Mimosa Memoir : Woodford Reserve Distillery Launch

    15 August 2015

    This past weekend I was able to join The Original Makers Club and Woodford Reserve Distillery for their new series launch party. We were the first fifty guests in the world to taste the newly released products {the Old Fashioned was to die for}. Chef...

  • Growing Faith, Gaining Wisdom | Focus Lifestyle Boutique

    07 September 2016

    Hey y’all, I’m backkkkk. From vacation that is, with details on (IMO) the best little shop in Seaside, FL. Focus Lifestyle Boutique is the bees knees when it comes to the latest trends and best gifts for ladies, gents, and pets. Focus (located in Seaside...

  • The Bourbon Soaked Mom | Moon in Leo

    27 July 2015

    I really can’t stress enough how much I love ETSY. There is so much on there to plunder through, and so many possibilities. Not too long ago, I was looking for dresses (vintage) of course, and I happened upon this amazing little shop, Moon in Leo, out...

  • Coal Miner's Bride | Vanilla Peach Infused Bourbon

    01 October 2016

    Bourbon is wonderful alone, but it's also tasty with infusions that complement the way it already tastes. Sure, you can go to a liquor store and buy infused bourbons in almost any flavor you can imagine, but why do that when you can do so at home? I like...

  • Truck Loader Set

    03 September 2016

    Union Pacific Truck Loader Set. This is from my childhood train set, circa 1977-78. No box and liner. The semi cab is disconnected. Springs on the loader are stretched out - do not function correctly. Track piece is not included. Just in pic for display....

  • Growing Faith, Gaining Wisdom: North Lime Coffee & Donuts

    30 August 2016

    I'm not sure what weekends mean for you and your family, but for this gal it means donuts. With that said, there's one special little place I hold near and dear, and I think you'll love it too! Ask any Lexintonian and they'll agree, North Lime Coffee...

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