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Coal Miner's Bride | Vanilla Peach Infused Bourbon

Posted by Nikki Bradley

Bourbon is wonderful alone, but it's also tasty with infusions that complement the way it already tastes. Sure, you can go to a liquor store and buy infused bourbons in almost any flavor you can imagine, but why do that when you can do so at home? I like...

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Truck Loader Set

Posted by Gene Mar

Union Pacific Truck Loader Set. This is from my childhood train set, circa 1977-78. No box and liner. The semi cab is disconnected. Springs on the loader are stretched out - do not function correctly. Track piece is not included. Just in pic for display....

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The Bourbon Soaked Mom | Moon in Leo

Posted by nadine611

I really can’t stress enough how much I love ETSY. There is so much on there to plunder through, and so many possibilities. Not too long ago, I was looking for dresses (vintage) of course, and I happened upon this amazing little shop, Moon in Leo, out...

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